what i have so far

All of the group members are instructed to save all of their work on a word document and a USB flash drive prior to uploading them on the website or email.   All of these steps that are done by group members are in case of when the website goes down and we cannot get access to the information.  We also use two different forms of email; the school email and personal emails.  For instance, the past weekend the school email went down for an entire day and we called one another and communicated via telephone and Word Press.  If for any reason we cannot get access to internet, since we have all of our work saved on our computers and flash drive, we just load up the document; work on our paper without any difficulties because we have all of our resources saved.  As long as we have access to our topic information, we can easily work on the assignments.  We also discovered that there is a blog option in Blackboard on CSU Stan website.  We will utilize both blogs and work them so that if one goes down, we still have ability to communicate with each other.

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