Hey Guys It’s Rocky! Meeting and Ch 4 Vocab

I am pretty much finished with final  copy of the paper. I would like to meet to do a final edit today.

The tests for this class are publisher tests so I have been doing the exercises online and recording the definitions for our cheat sheet

Ch 4 Vocab

  1.  Sustainability – the potential for long term  well being of the natural environment
  2. Cause related marketing- the practice of linking products to a  particular social cause on an ongoing or short term basis
  3. Codes of conduct-formalized rules and standards that describe  what an employee expects of its employees
  4. Social responsibility– an organizations obligation to maximize its positive impact and minimize its negative impact on society.
  5. Ethics officer- responsible for creating, distributing and enforcing an organizations code of conduct.
  6. Organizational culture- a set of values, beliefs, goals, norms, and rituals that members of a society share
  7. Marketing ethics- principles and standards that define acceptable marketing conduct as determined by various stakeholders
  8. Green marketing-  the specific development, pricing, promotion,  and distribution of products that do not harm the natural environment.
  9. Marketing citizenship- the adoption of a strategic focus for fulfilling the economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic social responsibilities expected by stakeholders.
  10. Ethical issue– an identifiable problem situation,  or opportunity,  requiring a choice among several  actions that must  be evaluated as right or wrong.
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One Response to Hey Guys It’s Rocky! Meeting and Ch 4 Vocab

  1. mktgroup2011 says:

    What time are you thinking of doing the meet? Cause if it is before class I will try and make it, no promises, but I will try.

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