hello group

hello everyone…

This is the blog for our group which we’re going to use for internet exercise #1.  please be sure to write your first and last name when you leave or reply on comments.

thank you 🙂

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2 Responses to hello group

  1. Joel says:

    Hey guys just posting the times I can do this live
    Monday any time after 7PM and some times during the day
    Wednesdays during the day at certain times as well as Tuesday
    Thursday any time after 9PM
    Friday evenings are workable if that’s what you guys would like to do
    And I am usually open on Saturdays and Sundays

    • Hey guys I found the site! I will be free all of monday since it is labor day. Generally my schedule is as follows:

      Monday 7-2pm work Class 3-4
      Tuesday Class 10-12 class 2-3:30 then class 6pm-8:50
      Wednesday 7-2pm work class 3-4
      Thursday 10-12 class 2-5pm
      Friday 7-2pm work Class 3-4

      Weekends and nights on MWF are best for me.

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